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We are your source for all natural, chemical-free solutions to your everyday needs. From hot tub & spa treatments to household cleaning supplies and pet products, we have what you need. Our products are safe for your family, pets, home, and the environment.

Our goal is to help you and your family enjoy your spa without using damaging chemical treatments.

We have been using our products for over 17 years and have been distributors for 16 years. We are delighted to share our expertise in making your spa or hot tub experience a healthy, reliable, safe, and hassle-free one. Once you eliminate the buildup, corrosion and irritation caused by chemicals, you will realize the full potential of your spa or hot tub in terms of pure enjoyment. 

Our products are 100% safe. We use these products in our own home and would not think of using harsh chemicals to treat our spas or clean our homes.

Cre8ive Enzymes is based in historic Wirtz, VA.


- Earth-FirstTM Labels
- Easiest To Recycle Bottles
- Recyclable Packaging
- Safe Draining
- Water Conservation
- No Warning Labels
- 100% Safe & Effective


Several years ago, I decided that my budget could stretch, just enough, to fulfill my lifelong dream of owning my own hot tub. Like most perspective spa owners, my biggest concern was whether the hassle of adding and mixing all those toxic chemicals that (I used to believe) are necessary for clean spa water was really worth the pleasure of after-work escapes into my personal "oasis". More...

The First 'Green'Program For Hot Tubs...
The Full Circle Spa ProgramTM is a guide that will help you determine how to care for your spa with environmentally friendly products. • The 100% safe and effective enzyme products from The Natural Hot Tub Company® are the foundation for this program. • Our Water Treatment & Conditioner softens and conditions the spa water, helps stabilize pH and alkalinity and reduces or eliminates the use of many harsh chemicals. • Following our program will allow you to drain your spa water without bringing harm to our ground water systems on which most living creatures depend.
   A Program Making A Difference, One Hot Tub At A Time!


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